The Smurfs: Smurfy Tales (DVD) Description:

The Smurfs: Smurfy Tiny blue international celebrities the Smurfs–all 101 of them–dwell joyfully together in a medieval forest village. Only three apples tall they live in mushroom houses and take their morning showers with dewdrops. Papa Smurf wise beyond his 543 years gently rules a raucous clan that includes Brainy Jokey Clumsy Vanity Grouch and that luscious femme fatale Smurfette. But Gargamel the local wicked wizard despises the Smurfs happiness. With his fiendish cat Azrael Gargamel schemes to capture the Smurfs. Luckily the Smurf village cannot be found unless a Smurf leads the way and the Smurfs are as resourceful as they are lovable. The Smurfs: Smurfy Tales (DVD)

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