The Year of Magical Thinking – by Description:

The Year of Her book is thrilling . . . a living sharp memorable book . . . An exact candid and penetrating account of personal terror and bereavement . . . sometimes quite funny because it dares to tell the truth. -Robert Pinsky The New York Times Book Review (cover) An act of consummate literary bravery a writer known for her clarity allowing us to watch her mind as it bes clouded with grief . . . It also skips backward in time [to] call up a shimmering portrait of her unique marriage . . . To make her grief real Didion shows us what she has lost. -Lev Grossman Time I cant think of a book we need more than hers . . . I cant imagine dying without this book. -John Leonard New York Review of Books Achingly beautiful . . . We have come to admire and love Didion for her preternatural poise unrivaled eye for absurdity and Orwellian distaste for cant. It is thus a difficult moving and extraordinarily poignant experience to watch her direct such scrutiny inward. -Gideon Lewis-Kraus Los Angeles Times Stunning candor and piercing details . . . An indelible portrait of loss and grief . . . [A] haunting portrait of a four-decade-long marriage. -Michiko Kakutani The New York Times The Year of Magical Thinking – by