The Flirt (Paperback) by Kathleen Tessaro Description:

The Flirt (Paperback) From the New York Times bestselling author of The Perfume Collector comes this charming witty novel about a professional flirt. Unique situation for an attractive well-mannered morally flexible young man. Hours irregular. Pay generous. Discretion a must… When struggling out-of-work actor Hughie Venables-Smythe sees the mysterious job description in the classifieds hes convinced hes found his destiny. For though hes be accustomed to running out of credit on his cell phone sleeping on his sisters sofa and begging the waitress at the local caf to let him slide yet again on his bill he longs to treat his lover–the sexy sophisticated and amorously ruthless lingerie designer Leticia Vane to the finer things in life. But how is he to win her heart if he cant even pay for dinner? When he learns that his lucrative new position means flirting with married women who have been neglected by their spouses he cant believe his luck. Soon initiated into the extraordinary secret fraternity of the Professional Flirt Hughie promises to have an exceptional career ahead of him. However the life of a Flirt is a curiously lonely calling and theres one absolute rule his new employer has: he must remain single. Only–how can he live without the delicious Leticia Vane? Surely theres nothing wrong with using a few of his newly polished romantic skills on the side to quietly seduce the woman he loves . . . is there? As clueless as he is handsome Hughie gamely decides to throw his already complicated life into utter chaos . . . and discovers exactly why a Flirts professional and personal life should never mix. The Flirt (Paperback) by Kathleen Tessaro