The Leftovers – by Tom Perrotta (Paperback) Description:

The Leftovers – The Leftovers is simply put the best Twilight Zone episode you never saw. –Stephen King New York Times Book Review [Perrottas] most mature absorbing novel one that confirms his development from a funnyman to a daring chronicler of our most profound anxieties and human desires…Leavened with humor and tinged with creepiness this insightful novel draws us into some very dark corners of the human psyche. –Washington Post [Perrottas] most ambitious book to date….The premise is as simple as it is startling (certainly for the characters involved). The novel is filled with those who have changed their lives radically or discovered something crucial about themselves as radical upheaval generates a variety of coping mechanisms. Though the tone is more comic than tragic it is mainly empathic never drawing a distinction between good and bad characters but recognizing all as merely human–ordinary people dealing with an extraordinary situation. –Kirkus Reviews (starred) Ever since Little Children Tom Perrotta has been a master chronicler of suburban ennui but he takes things to a new level with his wry insightful unputdownable novel The Leftovers…Profoundly entertaining…The Leftovers brims with joy hilarity tenderness and hope. –Marie Claire An engrossing read. –People The Leftovers is sort of an Our Town for End Times. Tom Perrotta our Balzac of the burbs has come up with a wild premise for his engaging entertaining new novel. Suddenly a huge number of people vanish from this earth. The only explanation is that The Rapture has occurred…He narrows his affectionate and gently satiric focus to the middle-American village of Mapleton and shows us a bunch of folks trying to get on with their lives…The novel intertwines these stories at a graceful pace in prose so affable that the pages keep turning without hesitation. With Perrotta at the controls you buy the set-up and sit back as he takes off. –Chicago Sun Times Perrotta combines absurd circumstance and authentic characters to wondrous effect turning his story into a vivid exploration of what we believe what matters most and how if untethered we move on…Perrotta treats his characters with sympathy and invites the reader to do the same. –Seattle Times In his provocative new novel Tom Perrotta dives straight into our unease…its a gentle Perrotta-esque go at sci-fi without any mangled bodies or bombed-out buildings; its a realistic novel built on a supernatural foundation. –Boston Globe Perrottas gift is his ability to infuse satire with warmth to find significance in the absurd. Its easy to mock extreme forms of religious expression. Its harder to find their meaning and application. Perrotta does both in this rich and oddly reassuring read. –More Magazine The best book about the Rapture since the New Testament. –The Bullseye in Entertainment Weekly Start with what the author calls a Rapture-like phenomenon mix in some suburban angst and poof: All other apocalyptic fiction gets blown away. –O The Oprah Magazine (selected as one of the Best Fiction titles of 2011) The Leftovers – by Tom Perrotta (Paperback)