This Book Is Full of Spiders – Description:

This Book Is Kevin Smiths Clerks meets H.P. Lovecraft in this exceptional thriller that makes zombies relevant again… From the dialogue to the descriptions lines are delivered with faultless timing and wit. Wong never has to reach for comedy it flows naturally with nary a stumble… the most pertinent story of the genre since George Romeros Dawn of the Dead… a tighter more concentrated read than John Dies at the End… David Wong (Jason Pargin) is a fantastic author with a supernatural talent for humor. If you want a poignant laugh-out-loud funny disturbing ridiculous self-aware socially relevant horror novel than This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude Dont Touch It is the one and only book for you. –SF Signal The comedic and crackling dialogue also brings a whimsical flair to the story making it seem like an episode of AMCs The Walking Dead written by Douglas Adams of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. …Imagine a mentally ill narrator describing the zombie apocalypse while drunk and the end result is unlike any other book of the genre. Seriously dude touch it and read it. –Washington Post [A] phantasmagoria of horror humor–and even insight into the nature of paranoia perception and identity. –Publishers Weekly starred review Violence soy sauce and zombie survivalists abound in this clever and funny sequel to John Dies at the End (2009). One of the great things about discovering new writers especially in the narrow range of hybrid-genre comedic novels is realizing that theyre having just as much fun making this stuff up as you are reading it. Sitting squarely with the likes of S.G. Browne and Christopher Moore the pseudonymous Wong (Cracked editor Jason Pargin) must be pissing himself laughing at his own writing even as hes giving fans an even funnier tighter and justifiably insane entry in the series…. The humor here is unforced and good-naturedly gory. Anyone who enjoyed the recent films The Cabin in the Woods or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil will find themselves right at home. An upcoming (cult?) film adaptation of John Dies at the End promises to lure new readers. A joyful return to the paroxysms of laughter lurking in the American Midwest. –Kirkus Sure to please the Fangoria set while appealing to a wider audience the books smart take on fear manages to tap into readers existential dread on one page then have them laughing the next. –Publishers Weekly on John Dies at the End …strikes enough of a balance between hilarity horror and surrealism here to keep anyone glued to the story. –Booklist on John Dies at the End You can (and will want to) read JOHN DIES AT THE END in one sitting. –BookReporter.com on John Dies at the End Wong blends horror and suspense with comedy–a tricky combination–and pulls it off effortlessly. –FashionAddict.com on John Dies at the End Its interesting compelling engaging arresting and–yes–sometimes even horrifying. And when its not being any of those things its funny. Very very funny. –January Magazine on John Dies at the End This is one of the most entertaining and addictive novels Ive ever read. –Jacob Kier publisher Permuted Press on John Dies at the End The rare genre novel that manages to keep its sense of humor strong without ever diminishing the scares; David is a consistently hilarious narrator whose one-liners and running commentary are sincere in a way that makes the horrors he confronts even more unsettling. –The Onion AV Club on John Dies at the End A loopy buddy-movie of a book with deadpan humor and great turns of phrase…Just plain fun. –Library Journal on John Dies at the End John Dies at the End is like an H.P. Lovecraft tale if Lovecraft were into poop and fart jokes. –Fangoria on John Dies at the End The book takes every pop culture trend of the past twenty years peppers it with 14-year-old dick and fart humor and blends it all together with a huge heaping of splatterpunk gore…. Successfully blend[s] laugh-out-loud humor with legitimate horror. –i09.com on John Dies at the End This Book Is Full of Spiders –