Waiting – (Vintage International) by Ha Jin Description:

Waiting – (Vintage A simple love story that transcends cultural barriers. . . . Convincing and rich in detail. . . . Filled with an earthy poetic grace. –Chicago Tribune Luminous. . . . Eloquent. . . . [Waiting] provides. . . a crash course in Chinese society during and since the Cultural Revolution and a more leisurely but nonetheless compelling exploration of the less exotic terrain that is the human heart. –The New York Times Book Review [Ha Jins] writing is steeped in wit rich metaphorical underpinnings and. . . endless and wonderful detail. –The Atlanta Journal Constitution Extraordinary. . . . A remarkably austere love story suffused with irony and subtlety. –Chicago Sun-Times Waiting has the stripped down simplicity of a fable. . . It casts a spell that doesnt break once. . . . Jin has the kind of effortless command that most writers can only dream about. –The New York Times Magazine Achingly beautiful. . . . Ha Jin depicts the details of social etiquette of food of rural family relationships and the complex yet alarmingly primitive fabric of provincial life with that absorbed passion for minutiae characteristic of Dickens and Balzac. –Los Angeles Times Book Review A vivid bit of storytelling fluid and earthy. . . . Reminiscent of Hemingway in its scope simplicity and precise language. . . . A graceful human allegory. –Chicago Sun-Times A subtle beauty. . . . A sad poignantly funny tale. –The Boston Sunday Globe Impeccably deadpan. . . . Waiting turns page by careful page into a deliciously comic novel. –Time Spare but compelling. . . . Jins craftsmanship and grasp of the universal language of the human heart make the book a worthwhile read. –USA Today A wry lovely novel. . . . Unexpectedly moving. . . . So quietly and carefully told that . . . we read on patiently pleasantly distracted wondering when something will happen. Only when weve finished do we understand just how much has and how much waiting can be its own painful reward. –Newsday Enlightening . . . a delicate rendering of the universal complications of love. . . . Ha Jins natural storytelling quietly captures the texture of daily life in a dual Chinese culture. . . . No detail is extraneous in this sad funny and often wise novel. –The Village Voice Literary Supplement Remarkable . . . compellingly ingenious . . . gorgeously cinematic. –The Philadelphia Inquirer A wonderfully ironic novel . . . complex and sad as life. . . . It captures the difficulties of love in totalitarian China with sharp prose and a convincing portrayal of human vagaries. –Minneapolis Star Tribune Subtle and complex . . . his best work to date. A moving meditation on the effects of time upon love. –The Washington Post [Jin] reveals some startlingly original insights on human life and love . . . in a narrative that dazzles the reader with its simplicity and grace. –The Providence Sunday Journal [Waiting is] a masterpiece of realism and a work of ironic allegory its mystifying foreign world full of characters who grow more familiar with every page. . . . Through an accumulation of small deft brushstrokes 20th century China is superimposed onto the landscape of an ancient painted scroll. –The Plain Dealer A high achievement indeed. –The New York Review of Books Waiting – (Vintage International) by Ha Jin