Ween; Ween – Pure Guava (PA) (EXPLICIT Description:

Ween; Ween – Spin (12/92 p.94) – Rmended – …a major label is now subsidizing their scribbles…They Might Be Giants for the REN AND STIMPY generation… Entertainment Weekly (12/18/92 p.59) – …Ren and Stimpy kidnap Paul McCartney and lock him in a studio with nothing but a helium balloon and an acoustic guitar…Very very weird but I cant stop playing it… – Rating: B+ Alternative Press (3/93 p.62) – …Almost in spite of themselves Ween produce some enjoyably skewed pop…At their best Ween sound sort of like early Sebadoh: eclectic strangely tuneful lo-fi and absurd… Musician (5/93 pp.86-87) – …Weens technical proficiency allows them to jumpcut in style without loss of quality or focus… (3/93 p.64) – …like the aural equivalent of Thorazine…there are moments of genuine beauty and emotion… Disc 1 1. Little Birdy 2. Tender Situation 3. Stallion Pt.3 The 4. Big Jilm 5. Push Th Little Daisies 6. Goin Gets Tough From the Getgo The 7. Reggaejunkiejew 8. I Play It Off Legit 9. Pumpin 4 the Man 10. Sarah 11. Springtheme 12. Flies On My Dick 13. I Saw Gener Cryin In His Sleep 14. Touch My Tooter 15. Mourning Glory 16. Loving U Thru It All 17. Hey Fat Boy (Asshole) 18. Dont Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 19. Poop Ship Destroyer Ween; Ween – Pure Guava (PA) (EXPLICIT