Whole – by T Colin Campbell (Hardcover) Description:

Whole – by After reading The China Study and drastically changing my diet toward the more whole food plant-based diet rmended by Dr. Campbell my career numbers shot up when they were supposed to be declining. I thought to myself Why doesnt everyone eat this way?! This new book Whole answers that question with great clarity. Never again be confused about diet and nutrition. –Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons 16-year National Football League player record-setting tight end Americas premier nutritionist T. Colin Campbell with courage and conviction articulates how the self-serving reductionist paradigm permeates science medicine media big pharma and philanthropic groups blocking the public from the nutritional truth for optimal health. –Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD author of the bestselling Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease T. Colin Campbell based on his long career in experimental research and health policy-making uncovers how and why there is so much confusion about food and health and what can be done about it. His explanation is elegant sincere provocative and far-reaching including how we can solve our health-care crisis. Read and enjoy; theres something here to inspire and offend just about everyone (sometimes the truth hurts). –Dean Ornish MD Founder and President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito California; Clinical Professor of Medicine University of California San Francisco; and author of the bestselling Dr. Dean Ornishs Program for Reversing Heart Disease Whole makes a convincing case that modern nutritions focus on single nutrients has led to mass confusion with tragic health consequences. Dr. Campbells new paradigm will change the way we think about food and in doing so could improve the lives of millions of people and save billions of dollars in health care costs. –Brian Wendel Creator and Executive Producer of Forks Over Knives There are very few material game-changers in life but this book is truly one of them. The information herein–backed up by extraordinary peer-reviewed science–has the power to halt and reverse disease give you energy youve never known and put you on a path of transformation in just about every positive way. Read it and get ready to soar. –Kathy Freston New York Times bestselling author of The Lean and Quantum Wellness Dr. Colin Campbell opened our eyes with The China Study. In Whole Dr. Campbell boldly shows exactly how our understanding of nutrition and health has gone off track and how to get it right. Beautifully and clearly written this empowering book will forever change the way you think about health food and science. –Neal Barnard Founder and President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine This book is the key to understanding how to increase our natural longevity and health it is key to slowing global warming and all of this at no cost rather at immeasurable savings to society. –Mike Fremont World Record Holder marathons for 88 and 90 year olds In Whole Dr. Campbell defines a super-paradigm that elucidates a philosophy–wholism–which medicine needs to aspire to in order to attain an enlightened solution. Whole is a masterpiece of intellectual triangulation outlining the past the present and the critical next steps in the future of biochemistry human nutrition and healthcare. This book is going to unleash a health revolution! –Julieanna Hever MS RD CPT author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition and host of What Would Julieanna Do? Whole – by T Colin Campbell (Hardcover)