Williams John (Film Composer) – Jurassic Park Description:

Williams John (Film soundtrack composer and conductor Disc 1 1. Opening Titles(0:33) 2. Theme From Jurassic Park(3:27) 3. Incident at Isla Nublar(5:20) 4. Journey to the Island(8:52) 5. The Raptor Attack(2:49) 6. Hatching Baby Raptor(3:20) 7. Welcome to Jurassic Park(7:54) 8. My Friend the Brachiosaurus(4:16) 9. Dennis Steals the Embryo(4:55) 10. A Tree for My Bed(2:12) 11. High‐Wire Stunts(4:80) 12. Remembering Petticoat Lane(2:48) 13. Jurassic Park Gate(2:30) 14. Eye to Eye(6:32) 15. T‐Rex Rescue and Finale(7:39) 16. End Credits(3:26) Williams John (Film Composer) – Jurassic Park

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