Zack Files 12: Now You See Me….Now Description:

Zack Files 12: Dan Greenburg has known success as a humorist a novelist a journalist a screenwriter and a playwright. Now he has turned his considerable talent to writing an original new series of books for a younger audience. Inspired by his own son Zack for whom the hero of his new series The Zack Files is named Greenburg has combined his love of humor his interest in things paranormal and his talent for writing to create books that kids like Zack will want to read.With 18 books to his credit Dan Greenburgs work has been translated into 19 languages and is available in 22 countries. His best-selling titles for adults include How to Be a Jewish Mother How to Make Yourself Miserable Scoring Love Kills How to Avoid Love and Marriage and Exes. His previous books for children include Young Santa The Bed Who Ran Away From Home Jumbo the Boy and Arnold the Elephant.His articles have appeared in the New Yorker Esquire Ms. Time Newsweek Life New York magazine Cosmopolitan the New York Times Book Review Vanity Fair Playboy and have been reprinted in 33 anthologies of humor and satire in the United States and England.Born and raised in Chicago Dan Greenburg received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Illinois and his M.A. from UCLA. He is the father of Zack a teenage son who played the title role in the motion picture LORENZOS OIL and served as the inspiration for The Zack Files. Mr. Greenburg lives in Westchester County New York. Zack Files 12: Now You See Me….Now